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Drugs & Alcohol 

Service Description

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a powerful and effective therapeutic approach designed to help clients transform their lives and overcome addiction to alcohol and drugs. RTT is an evidence-based program that is tailored to the individual needs of each client, helping them to gain insight, clarity, and understanding of their unique circumstances and behaviors. During an RTT session, a certified therapist guides the client through a series of established protocols that require them to explore the subconscious root causes of their addictions and develop new beliefs which bring them freedom from compulsive behaviors and negative thought patterns. Through the use of hypnotherapy and visual mediation, the client will access memories and explore internal core beliefs and habits, leading to profound transformation and healing. Using RTT, clients can uncover the origin of their addictions and gain insight into why their maladaptive behaviors have become an unhealthy coping mechanism. It helps them to identify and address any unresolved issues, as well as increase personal strength, resilience, and motivation; leading to greater insight and understanding of personal identity and potential. It also places them in control of their outlook and attitude about their situation, which can be life-changing when it comes to recovery from addiction. RTT sessions can be highly effective for those struggling to remain free from the grips of alcoholism and drugs. As the client moves through the process, their mind is confronted with their subconscious beliefs and negative behaviors and challenged to replace them with positive ones that can foster resilience and help them live happier lives. Through a structured program that works to identify, unpack and process the root causes of addiction, RTT can be incredibly effective in helping individuals to conquer their addictions and create lasting sobriety.

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