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RTT+Therapy +Personalized Audio

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 427 US dollars
  • Sulaiman Avenue

Service Description

An HIC with RTT session is typically a one-on-one session between you and Dr.Dee and it typically lasts between one to two hours. During the session, Dr.Dee utilizes a range of powerful techniques to leave the client in a deeply relaxed and meditative state. During this state, you can access the subconscious and discover the origin of issues, that have been hindering your progress in life. When target issues have been identified, Dr.Dee can then use the specific strategy to help you rewire the brain, releasing them from the blocks that have been holding you back and enable you to move on to your desired destination. The personalized audio recording will include recordings of Dr.Dee speaking directly to your deep mind. The audio is tailored to your individual needs and goals, and will usually be around 20 minutes in length to listen for minimum 21 days. The audio will guide you through relaxation exercises and subconscious instructions intended to reduce tension, stress, and unrest depending on your issue. Dr.Dee will also gently challenge existing beliefs that may be holding you back, and help you to form new and positive thought patterns. Ultimately, the goal is to move you closer to achieving your desired outcomes really fast.

Contact Details

  • Revival Physical Medicine Centre, Sulaiman Avenue, Colombo, Sri Lanka

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