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You're more than good enough just as you are…

If you are another person who couldn't reach me for a personal chat, or if you are a person ever thought that you are not good enough, not worthy enough, or if you ever thought that you will be happy only when you achieve your goals, as you gaze upon our beloved Earth, it's hard to ignore the traces of our impact – the littered streets, the polluted skies, and the plastic-strewn oceans.

Nature sometimes shows it's own unpredictable side too, with erupting volcanoes, sudden storms, and unforgiving earthquakes. It's easy to dwell on these imperfections, on the chaos and upheaval.

But, if you were to rise above the surface, ascending higher into the heavens, a remarkable transformation unfolds. The further you go, the more the flaws seem to vanish. Beauty takes over.

At a certain point, the Mother Earth appears so stunning, so flawless, that you wouldn't dream of changing a thing. It's as though everything, the good and the bad, melds into a harmonious masterpiece. Nature, in all it's complexity, heals itself naturally.

In much the same way, you, as an individual, are a masterpiece in your own right. You don't need to alter a single thing about yourself. Your virtues, your flaws, those moments of darkness, and those acts of kindness – they all harmonize within you, just like the Earth finds balance amid its chaos. You are, in every sense, perfect.

Feel this truth deep within you. Understand that, just as the Earth thrives with all its elements, you too can embrace your entirety.

You're more than good enough just as you are. Self-acceptance and self-love flow through you naturally, creating an unwavering sense of inner security and peace.

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